Lynx Trails: a reliable partner for your adventures in the Alps

We are a small team of mountaineers

with the ultimate objective to make your stay here an awesome experience

LYNX TRAILS is a logistic organization dedicated to the practice of outdoor sports in the Alps in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. In fact, many tours in the Alps take place around two (or more) of the above countries; mountain adventures have no borders ! Being based in Italy, we also cover the Apennines, a beautiful mountain range which constitutes a kind of backbone of the italian peninsula as far south as Sicily.

We rather specialize in ski-touring / ski mountaineering* from december to june, and mountain biking from june to october. We generally take november off for reorganizing, training, gear testing and repair, plus a bit of resting for our staff.

* to understand the possible difference between ski-touring and ski-mountaineering, see question #2 at the FAQ page.

We basically provide two types of services as described below.


The Team

Filippo Gamba has been working many years in the industry as mechanical engineer, then in 2007 started to work as a tour leader and logistics coordinator for ski-mountaineering trips world wide. In 2020 he founded Lynx Trails as independent tour operator dedicated to mountain tours in the Alps. Filippo has been travelling to the major  mountain ranges in the world, practicing  his favourite sports,  namely skiing, climbing, mountain bike, paragliding, river rafting and kayak. He has been a national instructor of ski-mountaineering and mountain bike.
Sabrina Belotti is the owner of the Toyot Viaggi travel agency, a partner in all trips organized with Filippo since 2011. She leads an efficient and realiable staff, always offering the best travel support to our customers.

Our guides

Mario Taller is an IFMGA guide and ski instructor. He is also a teacher and examiner within the italian national association of mountain guides (AGAI) and ski instructors. He moslty works in the Dolomites and north-east of Italy.
Gianni Trepin is an IFMGA guide and ski instructor. He is also a teacher at the italian national association of mountain guides (AGAI) and ski instructors. He mostly works in the area of Valtellina, the Dolomites, and Engadine.
Eric Girardini is an IFMGA guide born in the countryside but relocated in the Primiero valley. He has a preference for technical routes, and moslty works in the Dolomites and the whole north-east of Italy.
Francesco Tremolada is an IFMGA guide and one of the top steep skiing specialists in Italy. He mostly works in the Dolomites, the whole north-east of Italy, and Austria.
Enrico Baccanti is an IFMGA guide and one of our senior most expert mountain guides. He mostly works in the area of the Dolomites, the whole north-east of Italy, and Austria.
Fabio Lenti is an IFMGA guide, active member and regional coordinator of the italian Mountain Rescue Organization. He mostly works in Valtellina, Engadine and central Switzerland.
Giorgio Sacco is an IFMGA guide and strong skier. He lives in the Lake Maggiore region and is a specialist of Mont Rose but works in the whole Piemonte region, Aosta valley, and Switzerland.
Thomas Scalise Meynet is an IFMGA guide, lives just below the Mont Blanc, of which is a specialist, and works in the whole Aosta valley, Piemonte region, swiss Valais, and France.    
Ivan Moshnikov is an IFMGA guide from Russia, he has been guiding ski-mountaineering and climbing groups in the Alps as well in Spain, Caucasus, Kyrghyzstan, and many mountain ranges world wide.

A matter of curiosity: the Lynx

In april 2012 we camped some ten days on the Matanuska Glacier of Alaska with nobody around for hundred miles. The only visit we received was from a lynx. We have been fascinated by the personality of this elusive animal living in the mountains and never at rest.

In Europe lynxs were almost extinct, then re-introduced in some areas. Now there are dozens of organized paths named as "lynx trails", mostly in protected reserves, attracting hikers with the hope to be lucky enough to spot this gorgeous mountain cat at least once.


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