Questions and answers

Here are some frequent Q & A, but if you do not find your issue, just contact us!

1I understand you promote adventure tours in the mountains. Which sports are included in your tours ?
We promote all mountain sports with a primary focus on ski-touring /ski-mountaineering and freeride (off-piste skiing), and a secondary focus on mountain biking. However, upon request we can organize any tour in the Alps which involves climbing, trekking, canyoning, kayak and rafting, paragliding.
2What is the difference between ski touring and ski mountaineering ?
In short, ski-touring mosltly involves walking up with skis (skinning) and skiing down along classic routes; ski-moutaineering may involve some climbing (without skis) in the way up or down, steep sections in the descent, and the possible use of technical gear such as crampons, ice axe, rope.
3Do you include skiing on piste in your tours ?
We do not offer skiing on piste. Many travel agencies do that, and also the local agencies in the ski resorts. The way we organize our tours and the qualifications of our guides require a specialized approach quite different from the ski on piste.
4What about heliski ?
In our programmes we may include one or two days of heliski upon request, but indeed we do not promote the practice of heliskiing in the Alps, simply because the mountains here are densely populated. We believe that heliskiing can be better appreciated in remote and scarsely populated regions as in Canada, for example.
5Which are your destinations ?
We cover the whole alpine region, namely the Alps on both southern side (Italy) and northern side (France, Switzwerland, Austria), plus the other mountain ranges in central and southern Italy.
6You offer guided and uguided tours. Which is the difference ?
We recommend guided tours to those who need and benefit from the assistance of a qualified guide. Unguided tours are for expert and independent adventurers who require only logistic support, but not (technically) the assistance of a guide.
7What kind of assistance do your guides provide ?
A guide takes care of the whole organization of each day in the programme, including the route finding and any support needed in the most technical sections, such as (for example) crossing a glacier or descending by rappel. The guide also helps in the preparation of gear, advises on the clothing, and quickly proposes an alternative itinerary according to the conditions of the mountain. In case of doubt between a guided or unguided tour, we suggest to contact us to discuss about your skills and needs, and decide accordingly.
8We are a party of friends technically independent: we do not require the services of a guide, but only some support in logistics.
Lynx Trails offers customized consultancy services and logistics, upon customers’ needs. You decide the dates, the destination, and the tour criteria; we take care of the organization in details.
9I am a mountain guide with my own clients. Which services can you provide ?
We are glad to supply consultancy and logistics services to mountain guides. It’s and ideal cooperation. In these cases the guide is our customer; we will not have nor do we intend to establish any commercial relationships with the clients of the guide.
10Can you provide the full travel package ?
Surely we can; beside the land services on site, upon request we provide all standard agency services such as flights, insurance, visa, etc.
11I am alone and seek to join a party to travel with. Do you have an upcoming tour for me ?
Yes, one can join any programme listed in our Scheduled Tours (calendar) with pre-defined departure dates. We apply all efforts as to create teams of participants with similar skill level ans shared objectives.
12I have checked your Scheduled Tours calendar, but I did not find a trip which fully satisfies my needs and/or suits my period of availability. What can I do ?
We suggest to contact us by phone or email. In fact, the dates shown in the calendar are often flexible and sometimes, even from a single enquiry, we decide to propose a tour which is not currently in the list.
13How many participants subscribe to your trips ? Which nationality ¿ Which language is spoken ?
The number of participants in a trip depends on many parameters, We generally prefer small groups, say 4-8 people on average. Teams are multinational, and the common language is english. However, the members of our staff or local partner often speak other languages.
14Your website shows many programmes, but no prices.
The programmes as described in our webisite are mostly indicative. Actually every tour is different and suited to the team’s requirements and to the local conditions. Hence, prices are established ad hoc; it would not make sense to issue a price list as in a traditional travel agency.
15OK so what shall I do to know the prices ?
We suggest to get in contact with us by email, whatsapp, or phone. Our trips are not standard and it is always advisable to talk with our staff in advance.
16Do you grant special prices to groups, practitioners, athlets ?
We may offer special fares to pre-established groups, clubs and associations, guides with their own clients, instructors or athlets of a national federation, and journalists.

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