mountain sport adventurers in Italy and the Alps

A committment to travel sustainability

"Sustainability" means making every effort to preserve all natural, economic, social and cultural resources of the world, for the benefit of current and future generations.
As Lynx Trails we make sure that all stakeholders in our venture (participants, staff, local service providers, gear suppliers) share and apply the principles described here below.

# 1 In our trips we want to respect the nature, the people, and the culture found at destination. We adopt the Leave No Trace principles of leaving the environment intact after our visit. This also commits ourselves on the following:
- we do not leave waste behind, any waste shall be processed on site or transported and disposed of at a suitable place;
- we preferably eat local food wherever possible and try not to use water and soft drinks in plastic bottles when no efficient recycling process is available;
- in regions with water shortages we try to minimize its use only for essential needs;
- we do not use non-biodegradable soaps or detergents in the outdoors;

# 2 We strive for the minimum consumption of resources, and promote the use of recyclable products and more specifically:
- we try to choose all means of transport with minimum energy consumption and low or none CO2 emissions;
- we favor low energy consumption housing, avoiding unnecessary heating or air conditioning;
- as for gear selection, we preferably choose recyclable products having a low environmental impact in the production chain;
- we promote a correct and genuine diet, with energy and nutritional supplies adapted to the activity, and avoiding any waste of food;
- we limit the use of paper at office and when travelling.

# 3 In our tours we utilize local products and services, wherever possible, both to minimize the transport of goods and to foster the local economy.

# 4 We prefer small groups, as to minimize the impact on the environment, and at the same time provide participants with the best possible experience.

# 5 We promote the interest towards less known destinations, for a more balanced distribution of tourist flows, and to provide economic support to the less developed areas.

# 6 We follow the directives promoted by the UIAA on ethics in the mountains, the Katmandu declaration on mountain activities (1982, the UIAA code of ethics on mountain expeditions, the Tyrol declaration of best practice in mountain sports (Innsbruck, 2002).

# 7 In relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, we follow the provisions established by the relevant authorities and make sure that all appropriate measures are adopted at every stage of the journey, in order to protect the participants, the staff, the service providers and the local people.

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