…whether you are an occasional adventurer or an extreme pro, we care about your trip !


We are the only independent organization in Italy dedicated to ski-mountaineering tours in the alpine region.

Our staff and partners have been roving the planet for more than 20 years with skis and mountain bike: we make available this exceptional experience to whom decide to choose our services.

  • Being independent means that we are not forced to promote a specific area or a specific accomodation, etc. We are free to choose the location, the staff, and the local services according exclusively to our quality criteria and to the customers’ utmost satisfaction.
  • We are explorers and always find new destinations and less known routes, even in a not-so-wild area like the Alps. We may propose some secret spots and let you enjoy the discover... We offer unique experiences rather than a standard organized tour.
  • For the scheduled trips we arrange small groups of people who share the same objectives and have similar fitness and skill levels. We appoint the most suitable tour leader, selected among our staff and the local partners, with the aim to provide the best assistance and the highest chance of success.
  • To pre-established parties who are “technically independent” (unguided tours), as well as to mountain guides accompanying their own clients, we offer logistics support and consultancy. Upon request, we can provide assistance on site, for logistics only, or for climbing support on the mountain.
  • We respect the environment, the infrastucture, the people and the culture of the area of our destination.We promote sustainability in all our activities.
  • We follow the guidelines recommended by UIAA on mountaineering ethics, the Katmandu declaration on mountain activities (1982), the Tyrol declaration of best practice in mountain sports (Innsbruck, 2002).
  • We apply the most modern criteria of Risk Management, a concept and practice well beyond the traditional safety rules, aiming at achieving the best performances with a controlled degree of risk.

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